Saturday, January 24, 2004

Look! It's Genevieve!

Genevieve GorderWhat? - you haven't heard of Genevieve? Genevieve Gorder? She's the star of Swiffer commercials, and if she were any more hyper and perky I'd shoot a tranquilizer dart at the TV screen.

Looky here - she's a celeb with Trading Spaces on The Learning Channel. They even offer a bio:
Minneapolis born, but internationally trained designer Genevieve Gorder, made her way to Trading Spaces after many years of schooling, travel and hard work.

"I originally thought that I was going to become an ambassador (giggle), it wasn't until my second year at Lewis & Clark College that I realized I was supposed to be a designer. It just found me, I just knew. It's like when people tell you about how they met their spouse for the first time, and within minutes "they just knew", it was like that for me with design. Maybe that's why I'm in no rush to get married (giggle again). Within months, I was living in Manhattan, working as a designer at MTV and finishing my education at the School of Visual Arts ... I think this was all by the ripe old age of 20......Genevieve currently resides in Manhattan. When not working on the show, she works through her own studio double-g. You can find her work just about anywhere, from a bottle of Tanqueray 10, a line of blue jeans set to launch in the fall, to the shelves of Barney's where you'll find a line of her illustrated greeting cards. When she's not working (which is rare), you're most likely to find her at an airport, off on her next adventure.
I won't comment on her style (I'm esthetically challenged - can't you tell?) other than to note that the person she most wants to meet is the late Antonio Gaudi - the architect whose name has been understandably but incorrectly associated with the word "gaudy".

I guess what struck me about all this is the way she is shown on the Swiffer commercials, as someone we all must have heard of. Sheesh, near as I can tell she doesn't even have a blog. Maybe this appearance on NWA will boost her career, eh?

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