Thursday, January 22, 2004

Let the bidding begin

You know, I almost blogged about it a few days ago when Carole Moseley-Braun dropped out of the race and then backed Howard Dean. There was Dean with money and allegedly no black support, and a black woman who presumably is dropping out for lack of money - they were made for each other. How long before they hooked up?

Not very, as it happens. The Corner on National Review Online quotes a Chicago Sun-Times article as follows:
"We are going to help her with the debt," [Dean adviser Jon] Haber told me. The debt tab could be in the neighborhood of some $300,000 and Dean's camp will help Braun raise the money to pay it off. Braun will campaign for Dean three days of the week, with the Dean campaign picking up her travel expenses. Braun will become a Dean campaign consultant and will be paid about $20,000. Up to three of Braun's staffers, including [Patricia] Ireland, will be hired by the Dean campaign.
If Moseley-Braun is worth that much, how much do you suppose Al Sharpton can sell out for?

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