Friday, January 23, 2004

It takes a thief?

An organization called Ware Enterprises and Investments, Inc. runs the "Dreamkeeper Program". It offers 10% a month interest for the first 10 months and 5% thereafter.

That's nice if you can get it. Can you?

Barry Minkow doesn't think so. He ought to know - he has spent years in prison for his adventures with ZZZZ Best. Now out of prison and with a soul retread, he's a pastor in San Diego and runs a "Fraud Discovery Institute".

Is he on to something?
On July 31, the NFL says it also sent out an alert to its 32 teams warning of possible "misrepresentation" involving the company and providing generic information on pyramid fraud schemes. The League also let its teams know that the firm is not registered with investment regulatory authorities and that both Ware brothers have criminal records in Florida, although those records are unrelated to finance or investment. Citing privacy concerns, the NFLwould not identify players who have invested in the Dreamkeeper Program or the teams to which they belong.
We'll see what happens. No one is saying that Ware Enterprises is doing anything wrong. But they are promising the kind of return that ought to raise eyebrows, and screwing financially unsophisticated celebrities out of their money is a longstanding tradition.

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