Thursday, December 18, 2003

Would-be assassin allowed unsupervised visits

Howard Kurtz' column from the WaPo is here. He notes that John Hinckley now is permitted unsupervised visits.

Hey Johnny, why don't you go drop in on Sarah Brady? She shouldn't have any hard feelings - it was the gun that did it, right?

Or maybe you should see Jody Foster? She should be happy to see you, right? Anybody who would go to so much trouble to impress her, well...surely she's been waiting for you all of these years.

And if it's OK to loosen up on Hinckley, why not cut Sirhan Sirhan a little slack? He could probably use some air - he's been locked up a lot longer and he didn't even shoot a President. I guess the only justification for the disparate treatment must be racial prejudice, right?

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