Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Conceived to die

CLog points us to this abomination from NJ.

So you thought they'd just kill embryos?:
If the bill is signed by the governor, as is expected, it will be legal in New Jersey to implant cloned human embryos into wombs, allow the baby to grow for nine months, and then destroy the unborn child for research.

The bill prohibits the use of human cloning for reproductive purposes, but allows cloning to create unborn children only to be killed -- either early after their creation for their stem cells or at any time before their birth.
But it's about compassion:
Advocates of cloning and embryonic stem cell research said their bill was about compassion towards others by helping to find cures to diseases.
But here's the corker:
"Do this for your children and your grandchildren."
No, you're doing it to your children and grandchildren.

It all reminds me of a political cartoon I saw once. A stereotypical liberal was looking upward and lecturing the heavens - "Why haven't you sent us cures for cancer, AIDS,..." etc. And a voice came back saying "I did, but you aborted them".

Note: minor editing above.

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