Sunday, December 14, 2003

Lefty logic

NZ Bear wrote an interesting question here. It's the kind that exposes the flaming idiocy of so much of the self-identified left, so of course those whom the shoe fits are crying foul.

As I write this the last comment on NZB's post is from "Mithras", another lefty who chooses to disassociate his identity from his opinions. He recites his catechism:
What people who were against this war said, repeatedly, was (a) it was not in our interests, because it would not make us safer and conceivably could make us much less safe, (b) it was a distraction from the hunt for bin Laden and the people who really are a threat to our security, and (c) it would be a lot easier to take Iraq than to keep it.
The war would not make us safe? I'd say killing off a few thousand murderous idiots 8 time zones away from the US makes us safer. Catching the guy who compensated Palestinian suicide bombers makes it even better, and the corker is millions of erstwhile admirers seeing him caught alive and fleabitten without a fight.

It was a distraction? I love that argument. Henceforth we can use it against federal initiatives - program A should not be done because it will distract from program B. But really now, it took years to find Eric Rudolph right here in the US - why would we expect it to be any quicker to find a diseased old lunatic thousands of miles away in hostile territory when he's probably dead under a pile of rocks at Tora Bora? (And he never gets around to telling us who the others are who are a more of a threat to our security. He can't mean al-Qaeda unless he doesn't know that they've sent people to fight in Iraq. Maybe he's taking the 5th...)

It would be easier to take Iraq than to keep it? True enough, but irrelevant - we don't intend to keep it. We just want
Iraq to have a govt worthy of the name so we won't have to clean house again. And although I have no problems with having Iraqis in the US, I hope they restore the place so well that our expatriate Iraqis start going back.

Then of course he has to start a totally irrelevant attack, explaining how the non-libs "don't give a damn". Of course, that's an article of faith on the left. Too bad their secular God rewards faith and not works, or else maybe they'd actually solve a problem they identify once in a while.

Enough. The lefties are never wrong, and they won't ever shut up, and they simply aren't worth the bandwidth.

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