Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Where you stand depends on where you sleep

More genius from our ex-President:
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Tuesday AIDS should be considered a security issue, with the disease affecting more people in the world than terrorism.
"We should continue to fight terror, but we have to realize that the AIDS issue is also a security issue," Clinton told reporters after talks with Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik in Oslo. "It's a humanitarian issue, but it's a security issue," he said, warning AIDS fueled poverty and desperation.
AIDS is a security issue? The people who get it nowadays (if they're kids or heterosexuals, anyway) typically get it because they can't get clean hypodermic needles - the health professionals are forced to reuse them over there, so people with AIDS, Ebola, hepatatis and other blood-borne illnesses can share their blood with others without any other contact.

But no, we can't send needles. Liberal doctrine is that AIDS is spread by non-anal sex just as easily as by other means, lest we single out gays. So they insist that we send short-shelf-life condoms, which have high failure rates when used as intended, to be used by unsophisticated people - this offers limited effectiveness in fighting an uncommon means of spreading AIDS while diverting attention from the easiest way for kids and straights to get it. I guess libs figure it's better to kill some of those colored furriners than their deeply held beliefs.

So tell me Slick - of AIDS and terrorism, which can all but fetuses defend themselves against solely by their own efforts? Well, maybe he has a scintilla of a smithereen of a clue:
Asked whether AIDS was a bigger threat to the world than terrorism, Clinton said: "Right now (AIDS) affects more people, but I wouldn't say that. What I think is that we can't think about one to the exclusion of the other."
Was anyone doing that?

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