Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Did "Atrios" win?

Much was blogged about Donald Luskin's attorney's letter to "Atrios". Now let's see what everyone writes about the "joint statement" here. Yes, "Atrios" posted it too - Glenn Reynolds linked to it.

The posts I saw presented Donald Luskin as the bad guy, for dragging lawyers in. And at the Atrios site commenters presented the joint statement as a unilateral capitulation by Luskin, gracefully handled by "Atrios".

Sorry, but that one doesn't pass the giggle test. It doesn't even pass the ROTFLMAO test.

I don't have any inside information - I don't know either of the two. But IMO "Atrios" was faced with being outed and thus associated with what he posts, and he didn't like it, so he ran like a scalded dog.

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