Sunday, May 11, 2003

On the road again...

Tomorrow I report for a new gig away from St. Louis. It's in a town I've lived in before, and the work ought to be very similar to what I was doing here in St. Louis, so it won't be too disruptive. (And what the heck - although I've been here for 2+ years now, St. Louis isn't my home town anyway).

But it will mean that blogging will be light for a while. Maybe even only on weekends unless I can rejuvenate my junky old 133MHz laptop. And even then I'll need to be doing a lot of packing and transporting, because my lease in StL goes for a while yet, I'm doing everything singlehanded, and I want to get things organized for once after 7 job related relocations in 5 years.

Knowing me, I'll think of several things to blog after I write this. It beats moving.

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