Sunday, May 11, 2003

Blogbash recap

TNGs still stands in Kirkwood despite our best efforts at Friday's Blogbash. Then again we were missing Matt and Vicki and Charles Austin. And JD left a bit early, perhaps having solved the mystery of how to make a move on a group of nine women.

We also had the tanned and toned Blogger Formerly Known as Juan Gato, Chris Johnson, Anne Wilson and hubby, and Kevin Murphy. The young, blonde and buxom Sara was also there, uterus and all, escorted by Sean. Add alcohol and a barmaid who is heading for Washington to be an intern and what more could you ask for?

M & V apparently couldn't see fit to make a ~700 mile round trip in lousy weather - sheesh, whatta buncha wimps! And Austin wants us to believe he's been working long hours away from home, even going to the trouble of blogging less lately.

And where were YOU?

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