Sunday, May 11, 2003


I understand that it's prudent not to erect statues honoring living men. I have the opposite problem - it seems like all traces of me are being wiped out before they get around to planting me.

Did I say I have a home town? Right. In the last year they've demolished the hospital where I was born and the house I grew up in. Another house I lived in with my parents in another town has burned to the ground. Of what is still standing I don't know of any neighbors who are still around. I'm not that old, dammit.

I passed through the alma mater this past week coming and going. While I was there I lived in the two scuzziest dorms they had. Both have been demolished. The campus hangouts I frequented are all gone but one (no more MJ Pippin's Stuffed Pizzas!), but that's probably only because the campus hasn't crossed the interstate there yet.

Now let's check out the resume. About half of the employers are defunct, bankrupt or have been acquired, and often the very buildings have been destroyed and rebuilt. Of the organizations that are ongoing, the sites where I worked have often been closed since I worked there. Hmm - maybe I shouldn't mention any of this at my next interview...

Maybe this is normal, and I've just noticed too much of it too recently. But it has made an impression.

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