Saturday, December 14, 2002

A stand-up guy?

There weren't any car wrecks around, so I turned on the TV. It was actually late enough that I found myself tuned to Maury. He was running a "where are they now?" segment following up on past episodes with the theme "I have another shocking secret to tell you!". I had a lot of catching up to do.

One segment showed a couple where the woman had two secrets. #1 was she was sleeping around, and #2 was that she wasn't sure that the child she and her boyfriend (or might have been hubby - I wasn't paying enough attention) were raising was his. Then they showed the results of the paternity test. He lost.

Then of course was the emotional payoff. Sobs and hugs all around backstage. Yep, "daddy" was going to support her kid, blah blah and Maury decreed him a "standup guy".

No, in fact you're a sucker. You're hanging around with a faithless slut who'll breed you into the poorhouse if you stick around.

Then again, you're attached to a kid who didn't do anything to deserve this. What to do?

Then Maury follows up. Who should show up on stage but the guy and the baby. Where is mom? Gone. Well buddy, I guess you're alright after all - you're the best chance that boy will ever have. As for her, time wounds all heels.

And he could have done worse. For some time now judges have been holding men accountable for child support for kids not their own. Sometimes prosecutors play dirty tricks - far better that innocent men should get screwed over than some govt body should deliver on its welfare state promises.

Well, there is one way out.

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