Sunday, December 08, 2002

Sasha send-off

In a move that will ruin our balance of trade for generations to come, La Blogatrice Sasha Castel is moving to the UK with fiance and blog cohabitant Andrew Ian Dodge. What with traveling, shipping her belongings, Christmas and a marriage coming one of these days, anybody who can tell their ass from their elbow ought to be chipping in to her tipjar generously.

But it gets better. Slip her a sawbuck and the saponiferous but never soporific Sasha will say "Mille grazie!" (That's "thanks a bunch" in Italian to you monolinguals out there.) by making you your very own bar of soap. Where else can you find an offer like that?

Good luck you two. And this time let's see a real Blogchild.

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