Sunday, October 20, 2002

No Watermelons Allowed: the Next Generation

So what is it about this blog that could be improved?

Sorry, nothing I can do about the author - he's the only one who works this cheap. If this is 'free ice cream', I refuse to speculate on the flavor, and it has yet to receive a documented sniff from Silflay Hraka. Hmm - I could put in a redirect to the Bleat...

The name? - by now it's a tradition, like the cranberries I don't eat at Thanksgiving. And the new domain name might be worse... Both resulted from the same process that named Peculiar, MO - the locals got tired of coming up with a unique name to suit the postal service. Incidentally, the 'watermelons' in question are those who pose as environmentalists (green on the outside) while actually serving the left (red on the inside).

The overall esthetics? Well, I'm an engineer/IT guy - it would be like putting lace on a bowling ball. If it all sucks beyond redemption, comfort yourself knowing that I see it more than anybody else.

Getting away from Blogspot? It's on the agenda. The new host, Hosting Matters, has the cojones to carry Instapundit and VodkaPundit, so they'll barely notice me between billings. I already have Movable Type over there too, but I've been so slow about it that they've upgraded in the meantime.

That obnoxious void comment page? I keep telling myself 'it'll go away after I'm on Movable Type'. So far I haven't been quite annoyed enough to fix it yet.

That @#$% hit counter needs improvement too. Apparently Bravenet has decided to cut back on referral logs, from 50 to 25.

And I'm among the world's worst for returning email.

On the plus side, I don't have a cat.

Well, I'm trying to learn from some things that annoy me about other blogs. I have a slow connection most of the time, and I don't want to see something more than once. So I'm starting to put labels on some of the links. That way if your browser permits you can see what it points to, in English.

Enough. Fire at will.

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