Friday, February 08, 2002


You can't always tell a jerk, but there are some pretty good clues sometimes. One of them is the perversion of a Christian symbol that some people seem to think is cute.

Yes, I'm talking about the fish. It's one thing if you're a band called Phish, like on the one I saw just today. But when you put legs on it and inscribe "Darwin" in it, what is the point other than to mock Christians?

Do we promote other scientific theories? Should we, say, have icons of Rosie O'Donnell inscribed with the word "gravity"?

I've been indoctrinated with evolution from an early age. In my experience it has always been presented as contradicting Christian creation beliefs, and people who don't like religion brandish it like a club attempting to deprive religious believers of intellectual respect.

I have a hard time swallowing literal interpretations of Genesis for creation or countless other things in the Bible. But we don't prove scientific theories just by believing that a particular alternative is BS. Evolution must be established on its own merits. And there are fewer of these than you might have been led to believe.

Is there "microevolution"? Sure. Are humans descended from apes? That would help explain some people I know, but really, the picture is incomplete. Can you trace the development of life from the hypothetical big bang to today? Dream on - until you can demonstrate a big bang in a laboratory it can't be done. There's still room for God.

Science is a tool. It cannot become a religion without ceasing to be science. And my bet is that the people who flaunt the Darwin fish aren't as clever as they probably think they are.

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