Saturday, February 09, 2002

Google and me

I've been discovered! Yes, I'm starting to get hits from Google. Always for names so far.

Other than my own, that is. But if they did, they must be looking for the insurance agent, or the TV personality in the UK. Yeah, I've done it too.

Of course I don't know how often the searchers were seeking themselves. Natalija Radic could have looked for herself several times, but she can look in a mirror any time from any angle. Yes, I respect her mind, not in the least for seeing the power of promoting herself graphically. As for her theories on porn, that's another post later.

I haven't mentioned Britney Spears because that's Oliver Willis turf (dream on pal, she's a virgin. Trust me. And Gore did lose fair and square).

What other keywords do I need? How about 'nude'? 'Webcam'? I've already mentioned 'sex', 'chicken' and 'Larry Flynt' (and I've learned to link to my own stuff too), but you'll have to look elsewhere for details of his alleged affair. I still have some integrity, dammit.

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