Thursday, February 02, 2006

Upcoming dance competitions

Alright, Midwesterners, I'm giving you plenty of warning. Two terrific competitions will occur in the next month and a half, and you'll get a chance to see some of the best dancers around at both of them.

The Indiana Challenge should be going on Feb 23-26 at the Radisson in Merrillville, IN, just southeast of Chicago. Their website seems to be kaput, though. Anyway, last I knew they where going to have Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova there as feature performers, and those two only monopolized the American Rhythm championships for a decade or so.

Then on March 9-11 there's the St. Louis Star Ball. Past competitors have included Ben and Shalene Archer Ermis, repeat American Smooth champions whom you may have seen on the recent "American Ballroom Challenge" show, and although I don't know their plans I'd be surprised if they didn't make it to nearby St. Louis from their home in Nashville, TN. Other terrific competitors will be there too, putting on a memorable show there as they have for years.

If you do decide to show, dress up or you'll look out of place. And there will be intermissions, so be ready to dance.

For you Easterners, don't miss the Heritage Classic in Asheville, NC around the end of February. Or Westerners can go to Utah for the US National Amateur Dancesport competition on the BYU campus in Provo.

These are just a few of the competitions that happen across the country over the course of a year. No more excuses - come on out!

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