Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Musical blegging et al

Remember the old show "Name That Tune"? I'm looking for a way to play it, with search engines as contestants.

Well, it's not the game I'm after, it's the songs. Once in a while I have one I'd like to identify, and you can bet your sweet patootie that someone out there knows it. But how do I find the info?

Imagine recording something, feeding it to Google, and getting a list of songs and artists back. Precise tuning might be able to distinguish between separate takes, or a fuzzier search might find, say, "He's So Fine" and "My Sweet Lord".

Then it could be scary too. Imagine being able to record someone, feeding it into a search engine and having it return a list of names. They're probably working on it now, for the new Chinese Google.

Sometimes you can find songs from the lyrics. There's a commercial, I think for the US Winter Olympic team, that was playing something I hadn'd heard. I could make out "you're gonna fall behind me" and fed it to Google. Sure enough, it pointed me straight to the Donnas, a punkish SF based girl group.

But what to do with instrumentals? Like, say, the song they play on Taco Bell commercials? This might be a step in the right direction, but we're limited by whatever they happen to have in their databases.

Oh yeah, I've gotta know that "ooh baby baby" song they play on the boom box on the Sprint/Nextel commercials. Then just wait for the next status meeting...

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