Saturday, November 26, 2005

So it goes

I used to have some intellectual respect for Kurt Vonnegut. I started with "Jailbird", then went back and read all the earlier stuff and eagerly awaited new releases. You never used to know what was coming next in his books, such as the * he'd put next to characters' names in "Galapagos" so you'd know they'd be dead soon. Hi ho.

But alas, the craziness has escaped his books. Now he has made the news for saying something too far out for even a Kilgore Trout book. That's too bad for *his reputation.

I've got it. Have you read "Mother Night"?. He's playing the "hero", a broadcaster who ostensibly is a propagandist like Lord Haw-haw or Peter Arnett, but who is actually sending coded information to the Allies in his announcements.

Or maybe he's just senile.

Yeah, he's always been a liberal, but he used to have some sense. I'll submit this as evidence.

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