Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Michelle Malkin seems to think that the Georgia Tech incident from yesterday was a prank.

That sounds about right to me. Tech is a very highly rated technical school with the requisite large geek contingent. If you want those geeks to put a man on the moon, no problem.

But if you want those same guys to put a *woman* anywhere, forget it. Social awareness tends toward nil. They're definitely clueless enough to make things go boom next door to a football stadium when people are antsy about terrorism. (Yes, they have some geeky women too).

And what were the "bombs"? Quoth the article, "Two Georgia Tech freshman dormitories were evacuated Monday when a plastic water bottle found in a courtyard exploded with a loud bang in a campus custodian's hands."

Consequences? "The employee, who complained of ringing in his ears, was taken to a clinic for evaluation, but was not seriously injured."

Believe me, this campus could pritnear put a Daisy Cutter in a bottle. Somebody was playing.

My money says that we'll find some freshmen in need of, um, counseling.

Don't miss PhotoDude, who adds a bit more about Tech and the mysterious appearance of a jet in Gwinnett County, GA, just northeast of Atlanta.

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