Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dick Durbin: phony

That was an apology?

Sorry Dick, but you don't wait a week. You don't wait until your whoremasters in Chicago come down on you for it. You don't continue to deplore Guantanamo even as you try to distance yourself from your grossly inappropriate Nazi parallels. You don't make continued references to others' "misunderstandings", and in any case what you said was plain as day - you are the one straining to come up with an alternate interpretation. And if you
want to look more sincere than you did, you'd be taking a step in the right direction by studying Jimmy Swaggart ("I have sinned!").

Video here, via Glenn Reynolds.

I'll confess that I couldn't stand the man before, and I've voted against him every chance I've had. Looking at him was probably what convinced Alan Keyes to run for Senate in IL. Durbin is a party hack all the way regardless of what is good for IL, and the sooner he is gone from Congress the better.

UPDATE: From C-Log. They didn't see an apology either.

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