Sunday, June 19, 2005

CNN and lynching

CNN is showing a feature about a black man who barely escaped lynching and subsequently started the "Black Holocaust Museum" in Milwaukee.

One can quarrel with this idea on several bases. For one, last I knew the Jews weren't selling "Holocaust" franchises. Godwin's Law is due for an extension.

In fact, for all we hear about lynching, we're only talking a few thousand over decades. As bad as that is, it's not in the ballpark with the Holocaust, which killed off around 6 million Jews over a much shorter period. It works out to roughly a 1,000,000% difference. No hair-splitting here.

And not only blacks were lynched. Who made up the rest? Many, including Jews. The Leo Frank case in Atlanta was an example of the latter. I'm not going to jack around with the numbers, but it might be interesting to see which groups were lynched more often as a proportion of their populations.

But what led to this post was the repeated mention of efforts to make lynching a Federal crime. Good grief, why get the feds involved, especially nowadays when it appears that things are under control?

Note to CNN - if more govt is the answer, it's probably a stupid question.

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