Sunday, March 06, 2005

"My truth"

On February 4 Guiliana Sgrena was kidnapped in Iraq.Here's an account
The abduction Friday, 4 February, of the journalist from Il Manifesto, Giuliana Sgrena, has Iraqi civil society living in anguish about her fate—they have added the burden of her disappearance to the litany of their daily, appalling, ever-mounting woes. In their utterly civilized and almost powerless humanity, they plead for her! I don't think it will be easy for even the brutality of the occupation to crush such a selfless strain of stubborn humanity!
Yes, in fact the source page has some political leanings. As did Ms. Sgrena, who wrote for a left-wing Italian newspaper and was a red diaper baby:
Her 79-year-old father, pensioned railroad-worker Franco Sgrena, was an anti-fascist and partisan fighter in the Italian Resistance against Nazi-fascism in WW II and is still today a member and leader of the Communist Party.
But she was released by her captors. Here's what happened next:
U.S.-led multi-national forces said the car carrying Sgrena was speeding and that soldiers fired warning shots in an attempt to stop it, before opening fire.

But the 56-year-old journalist, currently being treated for a shoulder injury in a Rome hospital, said the car was not speeding. Sgrena told Italian La 7 TV on Sunday "there was no bright light, no signal," according to The Associated Press.

And in an article for Sunday's edition of her newspaper, Il Manifesto, she said the shooting, which occurred Friday as agents were taking her to the airport in Baghdad, recalled her captors' warning that "the Americans don't want you to return."
Yeah, that's "her truth" all right. If she's as full-blooded a Communist as it looks, the truth is whatever serves her purpose. And it's pretty clear her purpose is opposing the war in Iraq. Whatever really happened, you can bet she'll spin it to the left.

Am I slandering Communists? If you think so, then I suggest that you read "Witness".

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