Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mortality TV

If you looked at all the pictures in the previous post you might think that the model's career options in show business were limited except perhaps as an understudy for the CryptKeeper. Not so fast:
Which is more entertaining: watching paint dry or watching a human body decompose? Thanks to Channel 4, British audiences may soon get to decide for themselves. The tentatively titled documentary “Dust to Dust” will tackle the taboo of rotting human flesh and bring those images into British homes.

According to the Guardian newspaper, producers on the show are currently searching for a terminally ill patient whose family is willing to sign off on letting a national television audience watch him rot. After the patient’s death, the body will be placed in a private area of London’s Science Museum and a number of cameras and scientists will get to watch the body decompose.
If this kind of thing appeals to you, you should check out the volunteers in the University of Tennessee "Body Farm".

Another ripoff from The Eyes Have It.

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