Friday, December 03, 2004

"Life ending without request"

There's nothing quite like having your morality questioned by those who would kill the innocent and protect the guilty. Consider this, from The Diplomad (one of the better blogs to show up lately).

And while I'm dumping on them furriners, how about this from Charles Krauthammer:
[the Europeans] pretend, however, that this opposition to America's odd belief in spreading democracy universally is based not on indifference but on superior wisdom -- the world-weary sagacity of a more ancient and experienced civilization that knows that one cannot bring liberty to barbarians. Meaning, Arabs. And Muslims. And Iraqis.
Yeah. But I'm betting that if someone from the American South thought that way they'd call it "racism".

Krauthammer link stolen from Betsy Newmark - that's 2 today.

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