Monday, November 29, 2004

And we fought for this?

I've written several times before about that hellhole that is North Korea. But now I'm starting to question the South too.

In the late 80's an engineer I knew took an assignment in Korea. When he went he was, um, corpulent. When he got back he was svelte. Had he been working out? No, he just couldn't handle the food or the sanitation. The latter consisted mostly of dumping buckets of water on the floor and letting it run into the big holes which served as toilets.

Around the same period the Olympics were held in Seoul and I was working with a 20-something Korean engineer. She was outraged because it seemed to her the no one ever mentioned South Korea in the Olympic coverage without noting the canine cuisine. She didn't deny it, she just thought they could drop it once in a while.

Now today I read this, in which the author and his commenters decry what one of them called the utter lack of common courtesy in South Korea.

I won't be booking a flight over there any time soon.

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