Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Be my guinea pig

I haven't tried any of the following vendors, but I'll write about them anyway.

First there's Hometown Favorites. The concept sounds interesting - the proprietor distributes hard-to-find or regional candies, groceries and other nonperishable products.

Or how about SimplyBovine? ("Everything Cows!") I found them while looking for a distributor for "Cow Pies". They also sell, among other things, cow g-strings.

Which reminds me, Valentine's Day is coming! So be sure to place your order with for their "BitterSweets" today. Now available in two types - "Dejected" (which includes a reference to blogging!) and "Dysfunctional". (or if you should somehow have a positive attitude, EHarmony offers gift certificates).

Enough for now. Now go stimulate the economy!

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