Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Virginia State Ballroom Championships July 15-18 in Reston, VA near Dulles

Right here:
We are hosting the Virginia State Championships at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia. This resort-like hotel offers superior accommodations with the comfort and satisfaction of guests in mind. Located in Reston Town Center, the Hyatt provides easy access to shops, restaurants, golf course, biking and jogging trails, as well as its own fitness club, and a magnificent 12,300 square foot Grand Ballroom. Whether you are an avid Dance Sport competitor or ballroom dancing enthusiast, you will not be disappointed, and will leave the event wanting to attend for many years to come.
The schedule is here.

Better yet, get off your butt and dance yourself! It's low impact for sure, and you needn't be in shape to start - I recently saw some women I would have thought barely capable of walking turn in respectable waltzes. You can relive your misspent youth with hustle. Or you cut loose with jive, swing, cha-cha or salsa and get a respectable aerobic workout without even realizing it.

Here around DC check out DC DanceNet, or shoot me an email for suggestions on starting.

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