Saturday, July 03, 2004

Petition and demonstration against Iranian mullahs

Roger L. Simon points to this petition:
A Plea For Support & Demonstration Attendance from all Freedom-Loving Activists around the world in our united fight against Terrorists, Islamofascists, and Fanaticism!

This is an invitation to join us in a worldwide demonstration against the Mafia Mullahs, Terrorists, Islamofascists, and Fanatics who intend to stop and kill the spread of FREEDOM, SECULARISM & DEMOCRACY around the World! Our unified presence in a worldwide demonstration will be the biggest blow to the Mafia Mullahs.
Ordinarily I'm not a big fan of lots of UPPER CASE EXCLAMATIONS!, but the cause is right.

I might even make it to the Washington demonstration (Thursday Jul 8 on the western side of the Capitol building starting at 11 am) to see what happens.

If you're from out of town and dreading driving or parking in DC, there's always the Metro. You can park in the sticks and still make it downtown with a few blocks' walking. Several lines have stops near the Capitol. Snoop around the site for details.

For you train lovers Union Station isn't far away. And if you want to fly in, the Reagan airport is right on the Metro (BWI and Dulles are out in the sticks).

But whether you think the US or the UN ought to be involved or not, surely there aren't many who would wish the current mullahcracy on anyone, Iranian or no. Let's give the mad mullahs something to think about besides how many infidels they or a proxy can kill with their nuclear weapons program.

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