Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A question for everyone who's making a fuss about Abu Ghraib

If you thought it could have saved you or some of your family, would you have permitted torture of captured suspected terrorists?

Those who say Yes are cordially invited to STFU.

UPDATE: Alright, let's clarify this. As Glenn Reynolds put it, I'm asking the Dukakis Question. And I say that if you'd permit the use of torture in the situation proposed, I don't want to hear any prissiness about Abu Ghraib, especially when we see the stuff they *really* were subjected to.

Let's give Darwin a hand. Everybody who's for "gun control", wants to coddle criminals, or doesn't think he should fight back against criminals or terrorists in a way they'll understand should be required to publish their addresses. Let the crooks pick off the low-hanging fruit at their convenience without disturbing those of us who recognize that, to paraphrase a Supreme Court Justice, morality is not a suicide pact.

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