Thursday, June 17, 2004

Moonbat for a day

Aw, who needs proof? - let's just start making accusations, then keep repeating them until they become true.

For instance, let's try this one. Michael Moore paid the jailers at Abu Ghraib to act up on videotape and then send him the tapes so he could use them against George W. Bush and the war. That's how he came up with the tapes he has and apparently included in his crockumentary "Fahrenheit 9/11".

Then the Pentagon found out about them, reprimanded the bad guys and released the tapes to steal Moore's thunder.

Crazy, eh? Maybe, but not totally unprecedented - the left fights dirty and always has. For instance, when the UFCW was trying to unionize Food Lion a few years ago, they had a man get employed there for the express purpose of setting up unhealthful situations in hopes of catching Food Lion employes mishandling them.

And I seem to recall that back when the Democrats controlled Congress, certain allegations against Republicans were so incredibly serious that they demanded investigation despite a lack of evidence to justify it.

Oh lookie here, from Drudge:
Re: How Moore obtained his footage from the war in Iraq:

LAUER: There's a disturbing sequence in the film that shows-- US soldiers, casualties. It has interviews with US soldiers in battles. How did you get that footage?

MOORE: From a variety of sources...

Lauer: ...Do you think that the soldiers thought they were talking to a film crew that was working with Michael Moore?

Moore: Some of them did and some of them didn't...

Lauer: ...Do you think that's fair?

Moore: Well, I think it's fair that the American people know what's going on. These soldiers are certainly presented in the film with the deepest respect...
Hmm - so he had film crews working over there. Maybe this is less crazy than I thought...

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