Monday, May 31, 2004

This explains a lot of things

Have you marveled at French behavior regarding Iraq and the Middle East. I have a theory - their moral philosophers have been sleeping.

Beaker's Corner points us here, where we learn that French aren't getting enough sleep (and we Anglo-Saxons are at fault).

I'll admit that the French have developed leisure as an art form. The products which they are best known for, wine and cheese, came about because the French learned that if they sat on their asses long enough, microorganisms would do their work for them. Too lazy to bathe or shower, they invented the bidet, and that only because they believed that venereal diseases came from riding horses.

But it doesn't stop there. In business, they find it easier to sell overpriced goods and services to dictators like Saddam Hussein than to compete against modern economies. There's the 35 hour work week, which may be even too slack for them. And let's not forget the millions of unassimilated immigrants - their next war with Algerians might happen on French soil.

IMO what they need is a wake-up call.

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