Sunday, May 30, 2004

"Our military is one of the last bastions of slavery in the United States."

Quoth Reggie Rivers, star of the storied Denver Broncos backfield of the early 90's, who must have taken a few too many shots to the head. What an ignorant SOB!

He might be a one-trick pony - here he compares the treatment of gays to that of blacks in the '50s. I didn't see that, but my history books must have left out the gay high schools and how they all of them had to sit in the back of the bus. Imagine how horrible it would have been to have gay-only public bathrooms.

Incidentally, unless he was one heck of a blocker he wasn't so hot a pro player either. In the 1994 season, which happens to be the first one I found on Google, he was good for 1.9 yards per carry and 83 entire yards. In total yardage he fell between two quarterbacks (David Klingler and Neil O'Donnell), and they both had more yards per carry.

But that's enough from me. We'll let Baldilocks do the wet work here.

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