Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Commons: Immobilizing the Poor

Iain Murray has done it again. With several coconspirators he has put together "The Commons" - I'll let him describe it here. The tagline is "Promoting environmental quality and human dignity and prosperity through markets and property rights".

The blog is so new that you can read it all in a short time, and I'd recommend that - just hit the archives for May 2004.

Or maybe check out The Commons: Immobilizing the Poor. Would you buy a car for every poor person in town if you could do it in place of and for lesser cost than building a local transit system? Odds are you'd at least marvel at how expensive this would be as a minimum, but you'd have to admit that it addressed the transit needs of those most in need of it.

But Denver rail proponents objected for other reasons. Just read it....

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