Thursday, March 11, 2004

But if they could get married...

Drudge linked to something under a headline like "Rise in syphilis tied to Internet", so I dug a little deeper. Incidentally, in the following, "MSM" means "men having sex with men":: "Among 151 MSM interviewed, nearly 45 percent reported meeting sex partners online, and roughly one fifth of those men had no other contact information for the partner besides an e-mail address."Yep, it's the Internet's fault alright. And back when, as documented in "And the Band Played On", men would lie in bathhouses, nude with their butts in the air waiting for a stranger to sodomize them, that must have been because of Ronald Reagan's views on AIDS.

Well, maybe the chat rooms should be shut down, eh? Oh, you could chase them off AOL, but they'd be back elsewhere, and with even less supervision.

But if you did successfully shut down chat rooms, it would be just as it was in San Francisco some years ago with bathhouses. When some gay groups recognized that they were the nuclei for the spread of AIDS and lobbied to shut them down, there was mass outrage. I don't know if they're back open now or not, but they're irrelevant - sluts are sluts.

Are all gays like that? No. But it would be nice to hear them disavowed once in a while, especially when some of them want us to take the idea of gay marriage seriously.

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