Wednesday, February 18, 2004

A Subway with no heroes

You must remember Johnny Chung? He was the well-connected "hustler" (according to the State Department) who famously observed that the Clinton White House was like a subway: "you have to put in coins to open the gates". And open they did, to a regular zoo of literal Communists and others who wondered what other US govt favors were for sale by the Clintons and Democrats along the subway line.

What do you know? - he also greased the palms of the richest man in Congress, John F. Kerry...

Well, alright, the money went to Kerry's campaign - strictly speaking Chung didn't give money to Kerry himself. But why would Kerry want that? - the wife of this man of the people was loaded, so accepting personal bribes would have been stupid. But campaign finance laws limited how much she could Kerry him, so arguably campaign finance money was more valuable to him than any ordinary bribe.

Kerry link via Instapundit.

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