Saturday, January 31, 2004

Worse than outsourcing...

It's time to invest in companies that sell tin cups, pencils, apples and large cardboard boxes. After all, in a few more months all manufacturing, programming, accounting, customer service and other jobs will have been sucked to Asia or anywhere else there's a price differential of so much as a nickel a week.

But at least those jobs will still exist somewhere. Others could be eliminated entirely. For instance, what good are technical writers when we have this? And think of the lawyers we can eliminate now that we have this.

Links stolen from Hanah Metchis. She's got lots of other neat stuff there too, some of which I'll be ripping off in a later post. But you'd better be nice to her or she'll sic Sasha on you.

(Then maybe Sasha had better watch his step or he'll get outsourced, especially if he keeps stealing her jokes. That lawyer stuff might be rubbing off - she gets all legalistic about spam here.)

(After all that ripping off, I can at least answer her question about songs about taxes - she doesn't have comments. In English the best example is probably Taxman by the Beatles. Our faithful allies the Krauts have Der Steuersong, transcribed in English here.)

(That's it for this post. Really - what are you still doing here? - go watch Ferris Bueller or something...)

(Yes, that was an obscure cultural reference which will make sense only if you watch your movies all the way through the credits like I do. Wasn't this post about outsourcing once? It must have been directed by Alan Smithee)

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