Thursday, December 11, 2003

The mother of reality shows?

Well, that's probably too much credit. But Jennifer K. Ringley's JenniCam was one of the early if not earliest 24 hour webcams documenting someone's life.

It wasn't too awfully inhibited. Jenni brought the webcam into the bathroom and bedroom with her, and although you wouldn't have confused it with VoyeurDorm it wasn't G rated either. She appeared nude regularly, at least in the pictures she posted in her galleries (which have been available to anyone who cared to look, or were the last time I dropped by a few years ago). But she was known to note that not all of her boyfriends wanted to star in live love scenes on the Web - imagine that.

Anyway, it appears she's shutting down at the end of the year. Terry Teachout has comments on this blow to our culture.

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