Saturday, December 06, 2003

Get this mofo now!

A prosecutor in a local drug case has turned up dead and abused in PA.

Cop killers are bad enough. But when goons start killing prosecutors it's time to get medieval. Let this nonsense continue and the road is clear to deterioration into something like Afghanistan.

Good grief, even US mobsters have been known to show some discretion - that's why Dutch Schultz was killed. Schultz was under pressure from DA and later Presidential candidate Thomas P. Dewey, so he decided that killing Dewey was the thing to do. His fellow mobsters disagreed, thinking that this could lead to an all-out legal assault on the mob. So they had Schultz killed.

I'm guessing that neither local law enforcement or the feds need any encouragement to follow up on this. IMO it's especially interesting because it appears that even our criminals are less discreet than before.

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