Tuesday, December 02, 2003

"Gay marriage" again.

Aaron points to this William Safire column in which Safire notes that gay marriage is about approval, not civil rights. Where could he have come up with such an idea?

Can anyone point me to a civilization in which the children were raised to believe that they could get married to either sex with equal approval? What happened to it?

IMO this is significant because gays are made, not born. It's what you do, not who you are. Claiming it's innate is a cop-out - any natural leanings can be overcome, just as we expect people to refrain from sleeping with their close blood relatives. Surely no one is saying that gays are uniquely weak in this regard.

So if the above is true it is likely that the resultant gay parity from gay marriage will result in a society with a higher proportion of gays. What would be the impact?

I'm agnostic on this - I have no idea if the resulting society would be "better" or "worse" than today's. I'm just looking for answers with some science behind them, not just the typical nasty "homophobia!" taunts just for asking the question.

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