Monday, November 17, 2003

Hepatitis-A from green onions?

By now most of us probably have heard about the hepatitis-A outbreak that has been traced to a Chi-Chi's restaurant in western PA. Wonderful - I haven't been there recently, but when I'm near them I eat at Chi-Chi's.

Well, one of the guys who died from hepatitis-A ate there on October 6 and was dead of liver failure by November 7. Interesting - I was passing through PA that very day, but a good ways south of that restaurant and after they were closed. I guess they would have got me by now.

So now I'm in DC, eating fairly regularly in the company cafeteria. And since I'm on something of a health kick I'm grazing at salad bars a lot lately. One day a week or so ago they had green onions and I piled them on.

Now I read that the problem at Chi-Chi's is believed to have been caused by green onions. Terrific.

No, I'm not paranoid. But I think I'll pass on the green onions next time.

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