Monday, October 13, 2003

Greetings from DC

The Indy job ended a few weeks ago. It was comfortable, but it was the third time I'd been to Indy and it's not that big a place, so moving there wasn't all that disruptive.

But then I decided it was time for something different and started looking for consulting gigs farther away from base camp in Illinois. And serendipity stepped in - a call from Arizona set me up with a job in DC. And a touch of culture shock.

Well, that's not the right word. But it is the biggest town I've lived in for some time, since Dallas several years ago. And now I'm working in a true urban setting - lousy parking, people walking everywhere in droves, assorted weirdos, cramped quarters, studios that rent for $1500/month, mass transit...

So far it's great. The weather has been terrific. I'm working in the NW part of town, which is about as safe, convenient and clean as DC gets. And there's plenty around for some serious tourist rubbernecking.

Traffic is obnoxious - I-270 can be a 12 lane parking lot miles outside the Beltway. Prices are a bit higher, especially gasoline. It could be my imagination, but it seems like things close a bit earlier here too.

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been the people. Apparently DC is far enough South to have manners yet. The town is much more Hispanic than I expected, and Spanish language newspapers and magazines are right there by the checkout counter in the Giant Foods and Food Lion stores I've seen.

I'm figuring on being here around 6 months. Then it's off to...

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