Saturday, September 13, 2003

The ultimate hypocrite?

Here's my nominee: Madonna. She's protecting her daughter Lourdes:
"I protect her from sex full stop," she said.

"She's not aware of sex, nor should she be. You know, we've had little conversations about where babies come from, but sex is not, and shouldn't be, part of her repertoire right now."

The interview comes just days after Madonna French-kissed Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera live on stage at an awards ceremony.

But she said she would ensure that her daughter does not see such TV footage of her mother until she is much older.
I didn't see the show, but I thought I saw a picture in which Lourdes was on stage at the time this all happened.

Does this mean she thinks that what she has done in her career is bad for kids?
Although Madonna admitted that she had come a long way from her wild Sex and Erotica days, she said she regretted nothing.

"I'm not apologising in any shape or form (for those Sex years)," she said. "That's where my head was at the time."
Oh, that's not the only place...

Sure, it's up to parents to protect their kids from adverse influences, and some might even have the cojones to praise Madonna for her approach. Hey, she's even writing books for kids nowadays. Welcome to common sense, sweetie - some of us were here all along.

There was a time when pop culture was far less sex-addled than it is today. Madonna was a major factor in pushing standards to the looseness of today's. In doing so she made money hand over fist from other peoples' kids, and now she's using that money to seal off her own kids from her own influence.

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