Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Of Hooters, Dorothy Parker, chicken abuse and other digressions (but no penguins)

Here's a Fortune article about Hooters, the irreplaceable restaurant chain:
"So how on earth, in such a politically correct age, in such a failure-prone business, could Hooters have reached age 20 and still be busting out all over? From a single Florida beach bar, Hooters has expanded to 342 locations (27 of them, ahem, abroad), four lines of retail food, one golf tour, and two car-racing circuits (stock and drag). If you laid out the 30 million pounds of Hooters wings served each year, they'd encircle the globe at the equator. If you piled up the 15,000 current Hooters Girls ... well, they'd really be stacked."
Oh yeah? Well, what if all the Hooters girls were laid end to end?

It's easy to undervalue Hooters' contribution to our culture and polity. In their fight against the EEOC they did at least as much for our rights as anything that chicken-sodomizing California governor candidate Larry Flynt ever did. Their website is a font of art and wisdom and even includes invaluable career guidance. And although I once thought that the most useless thing in the world would be a drive-up window at Hooters, a lot of people really do like the food and I've known at least one pack of women who used to go there for lunch regularly.

So support your Hooters today. (oh, you knew that was coming...)

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