Sunday, August 24, 2003

The next best thing to guest blogging

Dodd Harris has been busy, to the point of even guest blogging at Insignificant Thoughts. So I thought "Hey, if he's that doggoned industrious, I'll have him blog for me too!"

So here we have Dodd on his own site about lawlessness at the EPA.

Then he presents the Democrat's Dictionary, which ultimately came from The Hand of Munger.

Then at Insignificant Thoughts he notes a change in the tune of the Democrats (surprise!) now that California cities are the most polluted in the country.

Oh yeah, still at I. T. he notes how Bush has reversed another asinine Clinton administration decision in hope of reducing forest fires. But the site of a speech about it had to be moved because of - can you see this coming? - a forest fire.

I guess this must be what a law firm partner feels like, living off an associate's work...

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