Sunday, August 24, 2003

And you missed it

Tonight there was a benefit dance at the Indianapolis Ballroom Company. After a few hours of public dancing, they put on a show featuring Dan Rutherford and Nicole Carroll and Gert and Kirsty Roslender. They were a trip.

Dan and Nicole are partners in American Rhythm, and currently they are #2 in the nation. IBC is their home studio and they put on a terrific show with cha chas, a rumba and some swing. I was trying to force myself to learn something from watching Dan, but if you've seen Nicole perform you know that isn't easy. It was very fast and energetic, and they didn't get to the top of their profession without knowing how to put on a show.

Gert and Kirsty alternated with them. They compete professionally in International Standard and have done so around the world. Since then they've settled in the US from their native country (Estonia?) and now they're on the staff at IBC. If memory serves they did a waltz, a tango, a foxtrot and something that looked like a combo of jive and quickstep. Standard is more subdued and elegant than Rhythm or International Latin or even American Smooth IMO. But even if you aren't into it you can appreciate seeing people doing something very well and very effortlessly.

I don't know how much they raised yet. But it was a very worthy cause...

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