Sunday, August 17, 2003

Blackout catchall

Glenn Reynolds has some data about relaying and metering from an old electrical engineer here.

When I was in engineering school, about all the electrical engineering majors were chipheads. That is, they wanted to do the sexier low-power microprocessor type stuff rather than the big more dangerous power generation, transmission and distribution work. I wonder if we have a shortage of qualified people for that.

Rich Hailey writes some relevant stuff here, and Steven Den Beste writes on blackout recovery here and and why another "great idea" won't work here. Sparkey makes some interesting observations related to power distribution and peak loading here.

Steve Verdon has good stuff here, here and here. They're actually successive posts, so you can hit the last one and work your way down.

Volokh Conspirator Tyler Cowen points us to an analysis of a cascading failure here. It's not light reading.

You should always check Lynne Kiesling about energy related issues, and she has an incredible set of links.

Amy Ridenour notes how some radical greens are simply opposed to power, period, here. Such people simply don't deserve a place at the table when public policy decisions are being made.

This from Central Maine Power might be interesting.

Of course NWA has offered discussions of energy issues many many times, such as here and two more items further down the page, and several others. Consumer energy conservation issues are here and here.

And soon I'll be writing about reactive power and why it takes so long to start up a power plant (with emphasis on nukes). Yippee!

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