Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Ted Barlow used to be better than this

Ted Barlow is one of the few lefties permalinked here. I don't agree with him often for sure, but generally I can respect his positions. But...

Hey Ted, tell me exactly where anybody called French soldiers cowards in this link. To anyone without an axe to grind it's clear that Glenn Reynolds was referring to the French government when he wrote "they will run". No, you didn't write it, but you cited it without adverse comment in a critical context.

As for Galloway, check out recent news and see if you can still allow for any possibility that his objection to the war in Iraq was principled. Reynolds explicitly said that Galloway was "defending Saddam's interests" according to your quote. That goes well beyond simply opposing the war, and IMO anyone who is in the pay of foreign powers certainly is "unfit to hold office in a civilized country".

I know I don't always agree with Glenn Reynolds. But you can do better than this.

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