Thursday, June 19, 2003

Profile your brain

Via Richard Gayle, we have this test to determine your Brain Usage Profile. For me it turned out to be Auditory : 35% Visual : 64% Left : 52% Right : 47%

I wind up taking one of these types of tests once in a while as part of "team-building exercise" or whatever. One gave a series of questions that wound up classifying the clients as "Lions", "Beavers", "Golden Retrievers" and some other critter (a badger?). The one woman in the group turned out to be a "Beaver". I turned out to be the only "Golden Retriever" out of about 20 of us, but I had almost identical scores for all of the classifications. What can I say, I'm just a balanced kind of guy.

There's lots more good stuff on that blog too. All of the Corante blogs are good.

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