Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Googlebombing Orrin Hatch

Ah, Sharon, what happened to you? I met her at a nuke plant where she worked in personnel. She had a very special job - she escorted us to that special trailer onsite where we were drug tested. Nearly everyone had a comment for her about her essential mission, but she took it well - her favorite job title proposal was "whiz kid".

I hope she has a better job now. But if she doesn't, they could use her in Washington. IMO only drug abuse could account for this idiocy from Orrin Hatch, who seems to think that it's OK to destroy your computer in the name of copyright enforcement.

Yeah, you've probably seen that link before - lots of people have posted about it, and that in itself is usually enough to keep me from blogging something. But IMO this one deserves a Googlebomb, so anybody looking up Orrin Hatch finds out about this first.

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